• Annual course with cultural program and trips
  • Semester course with a cultural program and trips
  • Intensive course – 2 levels in 2 months
  • Group courses – 2/3 a week
  • Private lessons
  • Preparation for the state exam for B1 level

ON-LINE classes !!!



We run a Language Club-online, aiming to bring together all admirers of the Polish language and willing to improve their language level.

Several times a month we organize integration meetings-online, during which we talk, read, play role-playing and association games and we just have a great time together.

We are very happy that there are more and more of us!


Our company was founded in 2018 in the center of one of the most beautiful cities in Poland – Poznan. We currently run group, annual, semester, quarterly, intensive, preparing to take the state exam in Polish language as well as individual and online courses. We also work with companies that ensure that their employees deepen and improve their knowledge of the Polish language. We also often have the pleasure to train people who sit on the board of such companies.

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