Schools and universities recruitment

Many years of experience of our Staff in terms of recruitment of foreigners to schools and universities in Poland allow professional and honest service of candidates. We are cooperating with many schools and universities in Poznan and Warsaw. Our clients come from countries like Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan and Nepal.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Help with choosing a school/University according to preferences of interested candidates,
  • Assistance in complementing necessary documents,
  • Supervision of the entire recruitment proces,
  • Providing assistance in the proces of applying for a visa(if required),
  • Upon arrival, providing support in accommodation:
    • Candidate’s accomodation,
    • Providing necessary information on the rights and obligations of a foreigner, among others: insurance, public transport, emergency telephones, as well as everyday life at the destination.
    • Support for pupils/students throughout the entire period of study.
  • In addition we organize trips for candidates and parents (individual and group) to a potential University chosen by the candidate before starting education in order to get acquainted with the teaching institution, as well as to confirm their choice. During such visits it will be possible to meet the school/University Staff, conversation with the school/University coordinator and tour around facility.In addition FCC offers preparatory polish language courses for candidates and pupils/students– See POLISH LANGUAGE COURSE.

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