FCC specializes in professional, accurate and on time translation of sworn documents, documents of scientific, technical and specialist characteristics. Moreover our Staff has been specializing in translating legal texts for many years.

We offer translations like:

  • Sworn: all types of documents;
  • Written: Web sites, contracts, terms of use/regulations, writings, submissions, e-mails;
  • Unwritten: business meetings, visits to administration facilities, implementation of new employees in the work process, carrying out training courses, telephone conversations;
  • Text correction.

We provide translations: Polish-Ukrainian, Ukrainian-Polish, Polish-Russian, Russian-Polish, Polish-English, English-Polish, Russian-Ukrainian, Ukrainian-Russian, English-Ukrainian, Ukrainian-English, Russian-English, English-Russian.

We provide our services on area of the entire Greater Poland voivodeship.

For the pricing of selected services please CONTACT

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